Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over garage doors come in two types of door operating system.

Canopy Door Lifting Gear
Canopy Door Lifting Gear

Canopy lifting gear leaves around one third of the door protruding from the front of the garage when the door is open (this forms the canopy). This has traditionally been the most popular type of lifting gear in the UK as it can be installed quickly, with all fixing made only to the frame.

Some benefits of a canopy door operating system are : -

  • No overhead tracks
  • Only going into the garage 2/3rds
  • Cost Effective
  • Full drive through width
Tracked/Retractable Door Lifting Gear
Tracked/Retractable Door Lifting Gear

Tracked or Retractable lifting gear, which uses horizontal tracks to support the door in the open position, has the ideal opening mechanics for remote control electric operation and is the standard lifting gear for double-sized doors. Typically, tracked gear takes slightly longer to install than canopy gear as the tracks must be secured to a suitable wall or ceiling joist inside the garage.

Some benefits of a tracked/retractable operating system are: -

  • The door retracts fully into the garage
  • This type of lifting gear can have electrics fitted
  • Tracked/Retractable plus gear can be fitted to give max drive through
  • Good for low headroom garages

Up & Over Garage Door Infill's

Up & Over garage doors come in three different infill types (Infill refers to the material used as the face of the garage door). These are as follows: -

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