Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors have been growing in popularity, particularly because they open and close without the arc of travel of a one piece Up & Over door. This is ideal for a property with a short driveway or garage as it allows you to park right up to the door itself.

Sectional doors also offer the benefit of added insulation, which is particularly useful if there is a room above the garage or if it's used as a workshop. We can also provide single-skin doors where insulation is not required, thereby offering exceptional value for money.

Sectional Door Lifting Gear

The diagram shows the lifting gear for sectional garage doors.

Sectional Door Lifting Gear


Benefits of using sectional garage doors: -

  • Sectional doors do not swing out
  • The door is sealed all around
  • Can be fitted with electrics
  • Painted finish (ask for details)
  • Insulated doors also in wood grain (ask for details)

Sectional Garage Door Infill's

Sectional garage doors come in three different infill types (Infill refers to the material used as the face of the garage door). These are as follows: -

Colour & Style Preview

Select a door type :


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