Single Skin Roller Garage Doors


Our garage doors help you make the most of the space in your garage, give you the full drive through width and allow you to use your driveway to the full. Installed behind the brickwork opening, the door rolls up around a drum with no out swing or arc of travel as it opens and closes. This allows you to park right up to the door and to use the overhead space within the garage. There is no need for a frame, giving maximum drive through width, particularly useful if the entrance to the garage is narrow. Our garage doors are supplied in a tough and durable Plastisol finish with a huge choice of colours. The doors are designed to be simple to use and light to lift by hand. If you would like a touch of luxury, a remote control electric opening system can be added for you.


  • No arc of travel on opening or closing
  • Wide range of colours
  • Sealed along the bottom edge to keep out dirt and dust.
  • Simple and light to use.
  • Plastisol coated exterior face (Plastic coated steel as opposed to paint finish)
  • No tracks or running gear extending inside the garage, thereby giving more storage space inside the garage.

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