Hörmann Electric Operators


You can operate a Hörmann automatic door as conveniently as your TV set. On the press of a button, you drive into your garage, protected from all weathers. When it's dark, the direct route affords you greater safety and security. It goes without saying that Hörmann doors and operators are tested and certified as a safety unit in each and every combination, in accordance with
the European Standard 13241-1.

The door automatically locks on closing, making it impossible to lever it open. This unique automatic latching system is a mechanical device and therefore remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure.


The good-value starter model as an introduction to Hörmann’s premium quality. Opening speed: max. 14 cm/s.

For doors up to 5000 mm wide
(max. 10 m² door leaf area)
Peak force: 650 N

ProMatic P
For doors up to 5500 mm wide
Peak force: 750 N

ProMatic Akku
Peak force: 400 N
Opening speed: max. 13 cm /s
Door width: up to max. 3000 mm
For a maximum of 4 door cycles (open/close) per day

Capacity: approx. 40 days*
Charging time: 5-10 hours**
Weight: 8.8 kg
Dimensions: 320 x 220 x 115 mm

Solar Module (optional)
Including installation materials,
10 metre long connecting lead and charge controller.
Dimensions: 300 x 400 mm

* based on an average of 4 door cycles per day and an ambient temperature of 20° Celsius
** depending on the charging state

  • Power for up to 40 days. You can enjoy the operating comfort of a garage door operator for up to 40 days without having to recharge the accumulator in between.
  • Easy overnight recharging. Similar to the recharging of a mobile phone, the accumulator is simply connected to a power outlet using the supplied charger. The accumulator then fully recharges overnight and your operator is ready for use again.
  • Particularly convenient. The optional solar module saves you having to recharge the accumulator manually. The module is simply mounted to the side or on top of the garage.



You will find this combination of speed and convenience fascinating. Your sectional garage door opens faster, you can switch on the garage lighting separately and as regards the additional functions, you'll not want to do without them ever again.

The supra-fast operator with an array of additional functions. Opening speed: max. 22 cm/s.

  • Halogen lighting can be switched on/off separately
  • Additional opening height for a well ventilated garage

SupraMatic E
For doors up to 5500 mm wide.
Peak force: 800 N

SupraMatic P
For doors up to 5500 mm wide, heavy timber doors and sectional doors with wicket doors.
Peak force: 1000 N


  • 868.3 MHz radio frequency with stable range
  • 4-button hand transmitter with security code from more than 1 billion options
  • Integral receiver // NEW
  • A door security kit for automatic latching provides effective protection against forced opening
  • On encountering an obstruction, a reliable automatic cut-out stops the door immediately
  • "A soft" start and "soft" stop saves wear and tear on both the door and operator
  • Patented toothed belt - Maintenance-free
  • Internal emergency release
  • Easy to install - Everything is precisely prepared


Hörmann ProMatic
Hörmann ProMatic
Hörmann SupraMatic
Hörmann SupraMatic
Hörmann Promatic Akku with Accumulator
Hörmann Promatic Akku with Accumulator
Hörmann Transmitter
Hörmann Transmitter
Hörmann ProMatic Akku Optional Solar Panel
Hörmann ProMatic Akku Optional Solar Panel
Hörmann ProMatic Akku Accumulator
Hörmann ProMatic Akku Accumulator



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